Volunteer with Uptown Community Service Center!

Duties of volunteers include: greeting and assisting clients, distributing mail, prepping food donation bags, sorting donations, assisting in the clothing closet, and staffing showers.

If you have not volunteered with us before, please complete 

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It feels good to see a familiar face. It makes all the difference and makes you feel like a real person. Uptown shows a kinder side of the world where people are trying to help.” --  George

What our volunteers are saying about Uptown...

Working at the Center gives me a perspective on how our lives are entwined in ways we can never understand or estimate. Helping someone who comes into the Center to solve a problem, listening to someone's concerns, or simply being there brings home to me that we all have these things in our lives, but that some have more of them than others. I feel it is a privilege to work at Uptown, and I plan to volunteer as long as I can.”  --  Patty Bender
“Being able to listen to people and sometimes just provide a kind word can make all the difference in someone’s life.”  --  Anna Von Richter

Volunteer shifts are three-four hours from 10:00am - 1:45pm

Our neighbors are supported by your generous donation of time.  Sign up to volunteer today! 

What our neighbors in need are saying about Uptown volunteers...